AGM for 2022/2023 took place on Monday 3rd October 2022

Monthly meetings thereafter.

Next Meeting is Tuesday 8th November at 7.30 p.m.     For further information:


We are hugely grateful to all parents who volunteer their free time, to support the work of the Parents’ Association.

Fionnuala O’Sullivan & Stephen Byrne, are the parent nominees on the current Board of Management.


Upcoming events to be published shortly.  During Covid times, the regular activities are restricted, unfortunately. 



Chairperson – Geraldine McAuliffe

Vice-chairperson – Aoife O’Sullivan

Secretary – Ailish McSherry

Vice-secretary – Olive Cosgrave

Treasurer – Ian Barron

Vice-treasurer – Ashley Martin

We would like to warmly welcome new members and to thank our outgoing members, as well as our outgoing Board of Management nominees.

There is also a strong committee. A huge thank you to all who attended the AGM and volunteered. We look forward to working together. Details of further upcoming meetings will be available shortly.

The Parents’ Association can be contacted through the school office or by email on

ALL parents/guardians in the school community are members of the Glasheen BNS Parents’ Association (PA) and are most welcome to attend the monthly PA meetings and / or the Annual General Meeting (AGM). These are opportunities to meet other parents and be involved in the activities of the school. The dates of these meetings are available on the school website and via Facebook / Twitter.

Remember you can always contact the PA by email at or by leaving a message for us via the School Office.

Our Parents’ Association, Our School Community

The Parents’ Association is always delighted to have any input from parents/guardians. Even if you can spare one hour during the year to help out at an event that would be brilliant! The boys love to see their families involved in the various activities that take place during the year, and many hands make light work. Please email the committee if you would like to be added to the list of occasional volunteers. If you have any ideas or suggestions for activities that you would like the PA to be involved in with the school, we’d also love to hear them! Don’t hesitate to get in touch

Various activities will be organised throughout the coming school year and we urge you to become involved in at least some of them.


As members of the school community, we are all informed that our school has a Child Safeguarding Statement & Risk Assessment, which are available to view on the school website. 

The Child Safeguarding Statement & Risk Assessment are also at the front entrance to the school (near the office) and in every classroom.

For further details, please see the Information section of this website, under ‘Child Safeguarding’.


Parents Group Chat Guidelines (Glasheen BNS)

Good practice, in the use of technology, by all members of the school community, is strongly promoted and encouraged by the Board of Management. The Board of Management of Glasheen BNS recognises group chat apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc., may be useful tools for the sharing of relevant information among parents. It is in everyone’s interests to ensure that any forum is used in appropriately. After some consultation, these guidelines, were drafted by our Board of Management, in consultation with our Parents’ Association & staff. These guidelines to be reviewed in November 2019. Further suggestions welcome.

If parents wish to establish a class group chat, in the school context, then parents should consider how best to moderate the group chat, eg. A moderator could be nominated, from within the group, with administrative rights over the group and the authority to request that any inappropriate post be immediately removed.

Always keep to the purpose of the group. Don’t share irrelevant messages about other topics.

Each member of the school community – pupils, staff and parents – is entitled to have her/his good name upheld. To this end, individuals, incidents or alleged incidents, should never be discussed within a group chat. If a parent ever has a concern about a matter relating to the class, then in the first instance, the parent should make an appointment to discuss this with the class teacher. Appointments can be made by ringing the school office.

Don’t ask questions of a personal nature, contact the person directly in a private message.

The group should not be used for arguing, heated opinions, scaremongering, hyped up drama or fake news. Please check your sources before you share.

If you are not sure, ask yourself these three questions before you post:

Is this relevant? Is this necessary? Is this appropriate?

Note that the school has procedures to deal with issues relating to child protection. These should be immediately highlighted directly to the school and not addressed in other fora.

We realise that the vast majority of posts adhere to these guidelines already and we appreciate that posts are generally very well-intentioned.  Because our parent groups are so large, these guidelines are important to ensure that our communications with each other remain clear and respectful of each other and of the school. THANK YOU.