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A Message from the Principal

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PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE  (Last Update Friday 26th February 2021           Dear Parents / Guardians, 

Please read the following information, which I hope will be helpful:

  1. 1. SCHOOLS REOPENING ‘Cairde’ (our special class) reopened on Monday 22nd February. Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class & 2nd Class will return to the classroom, on Monday next, 1st March 2021. All going well, 3rd – 6th Classes will continue with online learning until Friday 12th March, returning to their classrooms on Monday 15th March. Parents  were emailed with details and further information on the reopening can be found in the Policy section of this website. 
  2. We greatly appreciate the wonderful feedback from parents. Most important of all is that there is no added stress, or worrying about things that can be easily resolved, once we’re all back in school. 
  3. ONLINE LEARNING – For classes not in school, we have been using a variety of approaches to support families online, including Google Classroom, See Saw, Daily Challenges, Videos, Quizzes, Wellbeing Activities, as well, for example, as our Chess Tournament. We are doing Live Check-Ins, either on Google Meets or Zoom. Please be sure to contact the relevant class email below, if we can be of any further help. We have provided ICT for some pupils and are also arranging lunch packs, for those who availed of them, during the first lockdown.
  4. We want ALL of our pupils to be back in school, as soon as possible but we must all put safety first. Be assured we are doing our level best for everyone. We have also added an appendix to our Acceptable Use Policy with important guidelines to keep everyone safe online, at this time. (Please see the policy section of this website).


2. CLASS EMAIL ADDRESSES – To facilitate communication, there are email addresses for all class levels. Please bear in mind that teachers are teaching during the day, so the email addresses will not be monitored, at all times. The addresses are: 

If you need to contact the office, as always, you can Email: (emails will be answered as soon as possible).

3. GOOGLE CLASSROOM – All classes are using Google Classroom. 4th – 6th Classes were already up and running, doing much (or all) of their homework, through Google Classroom. All classes will be using Google Classroom, for various activities. Cairde Class is using the ‘SeeSaw’ learning platform. Passwords, once set up, can be changed by parents. If in doubt, please email the class emails.

4. I.C.T. PROVISION– We have been providing some ICT provision, on loan, for some of our students, who had no provision, during the period of online learning.

5. SELF-ISOLATING – If returning, or arriving from overseas, please remember the vital need to self isolate.   Similarly, if awaiting a test result, all HSE advice must be followed. If in doubt, please contact the school before sending your son to school.  

6. APPLICATIONS FOR GLASHEEN BOYS’ SCHOOL IN 2021 –   The Admissions Notice & Admissions Policy for Glasheen BNS 2021 are published in the Policy section of this website. Applications for admission to Junior Infants in 2021 were accepted from 1st – 31st October 2020. We will maintain a waiting list over the coming months, doing our very best to be as fair as we can be, to our applicants. 

Please download the 2021 Application Form on this website. (Applications can continue to be made at other times, during the school year and places will be allocated, depending on availability, in particular classes). If you are interested in a place for 2022, 2023, 2024, or later, we can send you an ‘Expression of Interest Form’.

 NEW PUPILS SEEKING TO JOIN SENIOR INFANTS – 6TH CLASS, BETWEEN NOW & AUTUMN 2021 – Any parents seeking places for their son/s in other classes, please email ‘‘. We will respond, by return and be happy to answer any questions you may have about the many benefits of attending our school. If you have a friend or relative, seeking a place for their son, please advise them to contact the school without delay, as we only have very limited availability, in most classes.


7.  PARENT GROUP CHAT GUIDELINES – The Board of Management is reviewing a number of school policies, at the moment. One of these is the Guidelines issued last year, on the use of Parent Group Chats. These are potentially useful but it is important, for the protection of all pupils, parents & staff, that they are used appropriately by all who participate in them. Please view updated  ‘Parent Group Chat Guidelines‘ in the Policy section of this website.

8. SCHOOL ATTENDANCEPlease remember that if any pupil, or any member of his family is awaiting a Covid test result, he MUST NOT attend school. The same applies to all members of staff. Thanks so much for helping us to keep everyone safe.

Here are some further vital reminders of ways you can help to keep everyone safe for the remainder of this school year, when school reopens again, as normal:

1. When bringing children to school, please try to park and stride, rather than parking directly in front of the school gate, or in disabled parking spaces. The area in front of the entrance gate is intended for pedestrians, or those waiting to collect children.
2. Please do not stop your car in the middle of the road to drop your child/children out. This is extremely unsafe and causes traffic hold ups behind, stretching back down the hill, to the Glasheen Road.
3. Please wear a mask if you need to enter the school grounds, for the safety of all.
4. If waiting on a test result, please follow medical advice and do not attend school until it is safe to do so and the result is confirmed as negative.
5. To keep everyone safe, please remember to socially distance while waiting to collect children. Also, keep up the hand washing & sanitising.
Thank you all, once again for your amazing work, as we really appreciate everything you are doing.  Thanks also for all of the positive feedback. Most importantly of all, we are hugely proud of each and every one of our boys.

Keep safe.            Sincerely,         Michael Daly.  



Michael Daly