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As you know, our boys receive school lunches through Carambola. For the duration of the school closure, we are investigating the delivery of food parcels directly to homes of interested families, instead of the school lunches. These would be non perishable foods and delivered directly to you by DPD courier. If interested, please confirm by email to by Wednesday 1st April at 11.00 a.m.. These food parcels are optional but if you would like one, please let us know.

We will need you to provide us with very specific information per child including:

  1. Child’s name (this means the child will receive a ‘parcel in the post’!) Will also work where multiple children are in the same home, each child gets a box.
  2. Address & Eircode
  3. A Telephone Number for the residing adult, please.


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Hoping you are all okay and getting through lockdown. Remember that we have new emails for each class level, as well as Junior Class. Some classes are using Google Classroom, so email the relevant email below for advice. Don't forget the daily segment on RTE 2 for primary schools from 11 - 12 noon. EMAILS: Remember, there is an email address, for each class level: SEN & support teacher emails can be sent to the school email ( and they will be forwarded, directly, to the relevant teacher.  


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Dear Parents and Third Class Boys,
We hope you are all keeping well. Below we have outlined some suggested activities for the week Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April. Please don't feel under any pressure to get everything done. We would like our 3rd class boys to complete the following on their own and ask for help, if they are stuck.
Complete the relevant day of Mental Maths. (Don't forget your problem solving too!) When they get a chance, someone in your family might help you to self-correct with a red pen. If you get any answers incorrect, please research where you went wrong.On Friday, complete your Friday review on your own.
Everyday, pick a table to revise. (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) Read the instructions for the game 'Multiplication War' on and give it a try if you like.
Go on a 3D shape hunt in your house and garden. List all the shapes you find. Make a table of the shapes found and record how many faces, vertices and edges they have. Draw a picture of a 2D-monster. Send us pictures of your table and monster- we'd love to see them!
Continue with this weeks' Spellcheck and this weeks' Fuaimeanna agus Focal. Ask somebody at home to test you on Friday if they have time.
 Write a short diary entry every day. Write a shopping list for Mum or Dad. Write a letter/Send an email to a family member or friend that you haven't seen in awhile.
Read a book from home or listen to a new audiobook online. ( have made many of their children's books free during this time.) Send us a book review if you like.
We know some of you may have been working on your project about a country of your choice. Feel free to send us pictures of this if
you like. The next project we would like to set is on an animal. Pick a land animal or sea animal of your choice. Research the animal online and in books.
Joe Wicks PE lessons on youtube. Yoga for kids on youtube.
Life skills: 
Tidy your bedroom. Set the table or wash up. Learn a new skill (eg. Origami making).
You can reach us on
Ms Moloney and Ms Jordan.


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Mr. Marshall is communicating with his boys on the usual wiki system. Mr. T. O'Neill has also posted optional work for 6th Class boys here: Dear Parents, I hope this message finds you safe and well. Here are a few suggested activities that the boys of 6th class can be getting on with over the coming weeks if they and you feel up to. This work is optional, but should prove beneficial to your son as we move forward. Some of this work may or may not be accessible to you depending on your own internet situation, so I have added some textbook work for the boys to work on if they feel the need to collect books from the school. English Work forward through ‘My Read at Home’ book and complete daily comprehension questions Pobble 365 – Log into – this is a daily writing website that gives the boys a story starter to complete. The boys write out the story starter, then complete/finish the story. There are many extra activities attached to the website and it's quite easy to navigate. There are good extra activities attached to the story (Question Time, Picture Perfect, Sentence Challenge & Sick Sentences) all designed to challenge and improve the boys grammar, comprehension skills and artistic abilities. Feel free to pick and choose from these. Also another handy way of keeping the boys' grammar in check with Pobble is to ask them to highlight/identify all the adjectives in the passage they have copied down. This can be switched up daily to identifying verbs, nouns, adverbs or pronouns also. One feature a day is more than enough. Spelling Workbook – work through the next spellings and the tasks of the spelling workbook weekly. Maths Work forward through New Wave Mental Maths completing Friday review and problem questions. Mathemagic -  Look back chapter 45 – This chapter sums up pretty much all of the 6th class curriculum give or take a few topics. The boys could work through a few questions a day and highlight the ones that they need help with. The problem questions at the end we have already tackled but its no harm for the lads to have another go if they fancy it.   Irish Work forward through ‘Léigh sa Bhaile’  - book and complete daily comprehension questions. If possible, try to download language app Duolingo and do 15 mins of Irish daily on it. It will keep your boys tuned in to the language and allow them to advance in a fun and simple way.  You’ll be surprised how user friendly and enjoyable it is.   Projects: I have already assigned the lads two optional projects to research and complete if they choose to. The criteria for the projects were simple: One small general paragraph introducing and summarising your chosen topic; 10 interesting facts about your chosen topic; A nice picture based on your topic. The current assigned topics are: 1: An Ancient Civilization. 2: A Person I Admire. If the boys wish they may research the following over the coming weeks – 1 per week is sufficient. 3:  Week starting March 30th - A Famous Inventor . – Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison or Leonardo Da Vinci 4: A Famous Leader. Week Starting April 20th (if needed)  – Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte or Abraham Lincoln 5: Amazing Animals – Week starting April 27th  (if needed) - Komodo Dragon, Great White Shark, Goliath Spider or Peregrine Falcon.   I hope that this work is taken as guidance and suggestion only. The boys do not have to complete it, but it might prove helpful to parents and pupils looking to occupy their time with more schoolwork and provide structure and routine to your day. What is of paramount importance to us in Glasheen is that our boys are happy, safe, secure and not stressed out by schoolwork during this period. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Kind Regards, Tim O Neill


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Any infant parents wishing to collect books tomorrow (Thursday), we must observe physical distancing regulations, so here are the arrangements: 1. Please enter the yard, by the stepped entrance, one at a time (Parents, while we would love to see the boys, we simply cannot have groups congregating at the school). 2. Observe the cones, for physical distancing, until it is your turn to collect the books. 3. Teachers will not be able to engage with parents in person but will be happy to communicate by email, going forward (Please see new class email addresses). 4. PLEASE NOTE the times when teachers will be available tomorrow, for book collection are: Ms. Costelloe (Senior Infants) 10 - 11 a.m. Ms. Clayton (Senior Infants) 11 - 12 noon Ms. Leen (Junior Infants) 12 noon - 1 p.m. Mrs. Starkie (Junior Infants) 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. Ms. O'Sullivan (Junior Infants) 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.. 5. Everyone please exit by the car park gate, to avoid close contact. 6. If you are unable (or would rather not) collect books tomorrow, we will arrange times, all going well, for further collections. We appreciate your understanding, during this difficult time.


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We hope the work that we provided for the last two weeks was a good help to you and that you read some different stories in your Read at Home book. Here are some new activities for everyone to try at home. Again, there is no pressure to get all of this complete, they are just suggestions! Feel free to contact us First Class Teachers on Stay safe and take care, Thanks, Ms. É. O’ Callaghan McCarthy, Mr. C. O’ Sullivan & Mr. D. Murphy   English  Encourage children to continue with their free writing in their black copies.       Create a story.  Write a list for the shopping.     Get them to record a diary entry everyday- jot down their activities, what they enjoyed, their thoughts, feelings, etc. DEAR- Drop Everything And Read Set a timer if you wish and children may read silently for the allocated time.     Maths  Continue with the next week of Mental Maths. (Monday -Friday review including the weeks problem solving)  Lots of counting activities and games. e.g: Start counting in 2’s, 3’s and so on. Questions such as ‘what number is between 15 and 17?’ ‘what number comes before 13?’  Encourage daily activities involving time, money and shapes.  Top marks  King of Math Jr app is a useful app that includes different maths activities such as number and measure.     Other  Arts & Crafts (Youtube-Art Hub tutorials on how to draw different things)  Bake something easy- cookies, brownies or maybe something healthy like a smoothie.  Create a new game outside.  Help around the house and do a few jobs.  Free drawing.  Think about three things     SESE  Take some time out in the garden (where possible) & observe signs of Spring.  You may draw or write these on a page if you wish and don’t forget to use your senses!  What can you see?  What can you hear?  What can you touch?  What can you smell?  Is there anything that you can taste safely?     Exercise/P.E/Mindfulness/ Movement Breaks. Grab all the family and get active!!  Go noodle.  Yoga (Youtube).  The Body Coach TV (Youtube- PE  with Joe Wicks)  Keep practising breathing technique we do in Zippy’s friends with Mr. Harris.


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Hi, Hope everyone is keeping well. We hope to see you all soon. In the meantime here are some suggested activities for the coming week. Please don’t be under pressure to complete all of the work below.   Ms.Byrne and Ms.Buttimer.       English:   Creative Writing:  

  •     Diary entry for each day.
  •     Book review on favourite book at home
  •     Free writing: There are great story writing prompts on scholastic story starters website.
  •     Children should have free reading time everyday.
  •     Storyline online have free read aloud stories for children.
  •     Read at Home p. 97, p.98
  *Optional: go to and search for book below. Answer the questions in copy or orally or just listen/watch for pleasure.   Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) by Julie Falatko
  1. What did Snappsy like to eat? tiny defenceless birds and soft fuzzy bunnies
  2. Find 5 adjectives in this story. mean alligator, tiny defenceless birds, soft fuzzy bunnies, innocent, forest creatures, colourful streamers, sharp teeth etc.
  3. What did he put in his shopping trolley? Pudding, peanut butter, pita bread and popcorn.
  4. What else was on his shopping list? Cheddar, apples, pickles, pretzels, pears, pasta
  5. Describe Snappsy’s party hat. blue and yellow stripes
  6. What dance did they do? Chicken dance
  7. Make a shopping list for your own party.
  8. Design a party invitation.
The Empty Pot by Demi
  1. Identify 5 adjectives. Big fruit trees, beautiful flower, rich soil, black soil, ashamed, clever friend, empty pot
  2. What 3 things did the Emperor love? birds, animals and flowers.
  3. Why did the Emperor need a successor? He was getting old.
  4. How was he going to choose his successor? The child that could produce the greatest flowers.
  5. How did he look after the seed? He filled the pot with rich soil, he planted the seed very carefully and watered it every day.
  6. Why was Ping ashamed? His seed did not grow. All the other children had beautiful flowers.
  7. Why was Ping worthy to be the new Emperor? Admire Ping’s great courage to appear with the empty truth for all the other seeds were cooked so should not have sprouted any flowers. Ping was the only honest child.
  8. Design your own pot of beautiful flowers or colour/paint the picture below.
  •     Cúla4 online has lots of games and television programs in Irish for children.
Maths:    Mental Maths:
  •     Mental Maths p. 58-59
  •     Topmarks and IXL have great mental maths games and activities for children.
  •    Go baking – Measure out the ingredients
  •    Find something that weighs exactly 1KG (e.g. bag of sugar). Now go around the house estimating different objects to see if they weigh more than 1KG, less than 1KG and about 1KG by hand weighing.
  • Now do the same with an object weighing ½ KG.
  • Go to the cupboard and find 3 things that weigh ¼ KG (250g)
  • Optional Challenge: How many ¼ weigh the same as1KG?
History/ Geography/ Science:
  •    Learn more about your favourite animal: Pick one animal and create a factfile on that animal. National Geographic Kids and Twinkl have loads of information on many animals. Below is an example:
P.E. / Movement Breaks
  •    Try Joe Wicks P.E. lessons on Youtube from 9-9.30, Monday-Friday
  •   Suggested movement breaks:
DAY 1 High knees x10 Boxing left + right x10 Squats x10 Jumping jacks x10 Make a circle with your arms (i.e. front crawl) x10 DAY 2 Marching x10 Rocket jumps (crouch down like a frog and leap up as high as you can) x10 Overhead punches (punch right and left over your head) X10 Touch you right hand to left foot x10 Touch your left hand to right foot x10 DAY 3 Boxing left and right x10 Toe taps X10 (tap right hand to left toe, tap left hand to right toe) Sit ups X10 Bunny hops X10 (Place ruler/pencil on the ground. Bunny hop over and back) Deep breaths X10 DAY 4 Wall push ups X10 Skips X 10 (with a skipping rope or air skips) Balance on left leg for 10 seconds (bend leg lower to make it harder) Balance on right leg for 10 seconds (bend leg lower to make it harder) Twist at the waist X10 (with arms out to the side) DAY 5 Spin in circle to the right X3 Jumping Jacks X10 Squats x10 Move the right side of your body only X10 seconds Give yourself a hug X 10 seconds Suggested timetable:   9.00-9.30: PE/Movement Break Activity (Joe Wicks P.E. lesson on Youtube)   9.30-10: Reading activities   10-10.15: Writing activity   10.15-10.30: PE/Movement Break Activity (See suggested movement breaks above or use Go Noodle)   10.30- 11: Mental Maths and Maths activities   11:00 Creative activities/ Animal Factfile  


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Suggested Work for 5th Class for Monday 30th – Friday 3rd April

Gaeilge: Revise work to date.  Complete the next chapter of Fuaimeanna & Focail


Poetry: Above the Clouds pg. 178 – Choose your favourite poem and challenge yourself to learn if off by heart. If the boys do not have their Above the Clouds books, they can be accessed online for free on the CJ Fallon website.

Reading: Above the Clouds pgs 188 – 191 (Unusual Creatures)

Writing: pgs 192 & 193


Complete pages 65-68 of Read at Home 5.


Mental Maths: Chapter 29

Maths Mate: Complete the Chapters on Area & Length.

Small World (Science): Chapter on Sound (pg 79) (Remember our Workshop at the Lifetime Lab!) Read the Chapter & Answer the questions. If you are in a position to try out one of the activities – please do! You could send a photograph of your work to

Religion: The lessons on Holy Week & Easter can be accessed at . The user name is and the password is growinlove.

Please note: The fifth class teachers have set up a Google Classroom as an additional means of keeping in touch during this period of closure. To access the Classroom, you will need a Gmail email account. We suggest setting up a specific account for the purpose of school work alone. All email accounts must be operated under parental supervision. Once you have logged into your Gmail account, you can select ‘Classroom’ from the menu on the left hand side. The code is fie57s5. The Google classroom is governed by all relevant School Policies.


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Hello boys (and parents/guardians),
We hope you are keeping well and staying safe in these new and challenging times. Below you can find a list of suggested work:
Our idea is that you have a little work for each day to keep you learning and provide small goals you can achieve personally. As you are in fourth class this work can be done on your own. You can of course ask someone for help, if needs be.
You can continue to complete one section of your Mental Maths per day. You will find a PDF for correcting your work below. If you get a sum wrong, don't leave an 'x' next to it. Find the right solution/the reason you got it wrong.
There are loads of maths resources online, games etc. Try Topmarks and Maths Aids, for example. Find one you like and have fun with it.
Get involved in maths at home with measuring, baking etc.  Maths Eyes are everywhere!
Read at Home is available as a daily exercise. Read it outloud and answer the questions for someone at home (when they have the time). We do not expect you to complete an R.a.H exercise if you are focusing on your novel or your own reading work.
Both classes took home a novel when the school closed. If you have finished that you may write a brief book report. If you would like to send a copy of it to the class teacher email address feel free to do so.
You can type it or send a picture of your written book review to us, we'd love to read them! The address is:
We are suggesting the novel 'Holes' by Louis Sachar as your next read (available as a free PDF
Read at your own pace and send on a book review when completed, if you wish.
There are some chapter by chapter questions and writing exercises available here. You do not need to do all of these but you may read over them and answer them out loud.
You can do some free writing, write a story, develop a comic, keep a diary of what you do day-to-day (it is guaranteed to be an interesting read when we look back on these times!)
Project Work:
Projects can be completed on people, places, animals, eras etc.
e.g. Nelson Mandela, India, The lynx, The Romans
You can take a picture of your project and send it on, we'd love to see them!
We suggest using This is a free website that allows you to create slideshows using pictures and you can add voice notes or music. It takes a little learning and getting used to. Spend some time on it, you will get the hang of it. Remember these projects are for you to do, not your parents! When you have completed a project you can share the link to it with as many people as you wish.
Continue on week by week with your Spellcheck/Fuaimeanna agus Focail. Have someone at home test you on a Friday (if they are available)
These are not normal times for anyone. Some days may be easy, some days may be a little more difficult this is the same for us all. It's important that we mind our minds as much as we mind any other part of our bodies and beings. Make sure you are doing activities each day that you enjoy. Please limit your screen time. 
The Calm app is free at the moment and offers mindfulness exercises.
Do some mindfulness colouring.
Improve your drawing skills.
Make sure to take some exercise every day at least once.   Go to Go Noodle or Cosmic Kids if you want to see some online exercises.
Boys, we hope you are keeping well and helping those around you to make this situation run as smoothly as possible. Do a little bit of work each weekday. Take a break for the Easter Holidays. Help out at home and make the most of this time. Bye for now!
Parents, please note there is no obligation nor deadline on any of the above.  They are suggestions that may be helpful.  You are in the best position to judge what is appropriate in your home and for your boys.  Do get in touch with any questions, we'd be happy to help.