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A Message from the Principal

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See Valuable Tips for Parents During School Closure

Dear Parents, I want to send my best wishes to all of our families and want to ensure that we are doing (and will continue to do), all we can to support you, during this unprecedented time. While we would all love to be in school, as normal, for now, all we can do is our best and PLEASE DO NOT BE STRESSED.

Please remember:

1. Our school is involved in the school lunch project. As mentioned this week, DELIVERY OF FOOD PARCELS has been arranged, in the coming weeks, with non perishable foods, for families who requested them. Details are in the ‘News’ section of this website.

2. For those who would like to be in contact, we have CREATED CLASS EMAIL ADDRESSES HERE, so parents can get in touch with class teachers. Suggestions and advice can then be sent to you by email, going forward, which should make it easier: , , , , , , , , .

All senior & middle classes are now using GOOGLE CLASSROOM so if you email the relevant email, your son’s teacher will guide you through the process.

Anyone seeking to contact RESOURCE OR SUPPORT TEACHERS, please contact through the school email ( To check for further updates, PRESS THE ‘News’ TAB and other news items & updates will appear.

3. When things return to normal, we will all get back on track with the academics. What is most important right now is the EMOTIONAL WELLBEING OF EACH FAMILY and we want to minimise any pressure you might feel about school work.

4. In the meantime, great progress was made on our NEW BUILDING but the building site has had to close, since the lockdown. I will keep you posted. Remember also:

  1. The SAFETY OF ALL IN OUR SCHOOL COMMUNITY IS PRIORITY. Please follow the guidelines on physical distancing, hand hygiene and so on.
  2. EACH PARENT MAKES THE DECISION THAT’S RIGHT FOR THEIR FAMILY. If you decide that the work suggestions are unnecessary, then don’t worry. We know that children can learn to do Housework, Bake, Cook, Gardening, Art & Craft. PLEASE don’t be under any pressure to get the suggested school work completed.
  3. STAY POSITIVEThis can be viewed as an opportunity to do things that we might not otherwise be able to do. Meanwhile, stay healthy & safe. We will get through all of this together.

Michael (Daly)

Michael Daly